Thursday, October 03, 2013

I bumped into Omar Kelly at the airport after the MNF game.

I chatted with Omar Kelly for a few minutes after the game (more precisely the following morning at the airport).  It was a little strange for me, because as most everyone who has read me knows - Omar does crap for ratings that I believe actually hurts our (the SoFLA and Phins nation) community.   I have said this many times.  And frankly, his arrogance is unwarranted.  He was actually pretty civil and down to earth when we spoke.  

- Anyway, during our chat, Omar did say something that all Dolphins fans have seen in the first few games.  The fumbles are becoming more of a trend than an occasional miscue.   Mr. Tannehill, please take better care of the football.  You have done a much better job of reading down field, now fix this problem.... NOW!  If you get rid of the ball sooner - THROW IT AWAY sometimes, you won't be tackled so violently and you will avoid the fumbles.   

- Mike Sherman, during the game - you called another sweep inside the 15 Yard line - WITH INCHES TO GO!!!  Did that work in preseason? NO!  Stop calling asinine plays or hand the reigns of play- calling to Coach Philbin.

- Overall, I am okay with the game.   I really enjoyed New Orleans.  My girlfriend and I had a very nice time.  The food and music were very good.  The crazy people were out in force - on the streets and at the game.   And, IT WAS LOUD!   Omar said that it was the loudest game he had ever attended.  He did mention that the Minnesota game (I am assuming he meant the 2010 meeting) was also very loud.   I completely agree.  I've seen hundreds of live games from Peewee, to HS, to College and Pros - That was by far the loudest arena I have ever been in - it didn't help that we kept giving away the football.

-  I will not trash my Dolphins.  I am still very excited.   The team needs to get better, no doubt.  But, I believe the weaknesses we saw against NO have more to do with coaching and play-calling, than they have to do with the group of guys we have playing this year.   You had to love the running game.  I know I did.   You should have heard the cussing when Miller would break one off!!!  It was hysterical. 

- I believe we will beat Baltimore.   I am predicting a 31-24 Miami Dolphins victory.  I know that Cameron Wake will make a huge difference in that game.

- That reminds me.   Paul Soliai looked good in that game against New Orleans.    I am glad he is back.

- That also reminds me!  Ellerbe lose some weight.  You look fat.   You never played this heavy in Baltimore.   Please get serious.  I know you got the fat contract....  try not to match it.

Go Phins!

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Glad you had a great time and made it home safe.