Friday, October 18, 2013

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers - Gregg Easterbrook - The Atlantic

Ever wonder *why* I am so adamantly opposed to stadium funding? Read this and you'll get a clearer picture. Owners should get nada from us as taxpayers....
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This is really not that different from industry to industry. Governments give major incentives to large corporations to build or stay in their cities all the time. The article is only showing what a city is giving . Not the massive jobs, and income a NFL team brings into the city. So I can't fault state and city governments from giving money to keep the teams. The NFL clearly shows greed all the time and IMO should feel shame for not giving back more. I see both sides for an owner. Yes as a whole it is nuts that they are given handouts. But a single owner like Ross can you fault him for not wanting Miami to treat the Dolphins like other cities are treating their teams? I do think the whole holding a city hostage has to be stopped. I do not think a team name should ever be moveable. Just like it was done with Browns and the Oilers. The Dolphins belong to the city and fans of Miami. If you want to take the team and assets to LA so be it. But Miami then should be allowed to raise the money or allow another owner re form the Dolphins. That would go s long ways towards balancing leverage. If an owner knew that the city would be allowed to form a team structured like Packers if they were moved. It would take away the "give me handouts or I move" approach.