Monday, October 28, 2013

Dez Bryant or Mike Wallace?

I was listening to the radio on my way back to college after the Dolphins game and it gave me a little time to ponder some things. I was listening in and I heard Dez Bryant was seen yelling and complaining on the sidelines twice. And my initial thought was wow he is really immature and a diva. Then I watched the footage and thought well I can see where he is coming from. This is a guy who wants to win games and he knows they needed to throw him the ball in order to help the offense. I wouldn't mind having a Dez Bryant on the Dolphins who cares that much, although I would want veteran leadership around him and for someone to cool him off if that were to happen so it wouldn't be out of control. I like that he fights for the ball and is physical. This is why I liked Brandon Gibson and I believe he is a huge loss. He fought for the ball and always gave Tannehill a chance. I wish I could say the same about Wallace.

I really want Wallace to go up and fight for a ball. And I know this is not the type of player he is but the routes the coaches are making him do are slants and it causes him to be a possession receiver. Now either one or two things need to change. Either they design other routes for Wallace which revolves around plays where he gets the ball uncontested and he could do his thing or they get a new receiver who is a possession receiver. Wallace shows flashes on plays where no one is around him when he catches the ball or when he blows past a defense, but not when he is contested because then more likely than not it will be incomplete. He was targeted 10 times and had a total of 3 catches. That is pretty bad. Some of it is on Wallace and some of it is on the coaches. Why is it that when the Patriots kept bringing the blitz and you knew they would blitz we don't run any screen plays, except for that one screen play that went for 20+ yards on a 3rd and 20. Why can't we keep running those plays not only to Wallace but to miller out of the backfield? Maybe design a play where Wallace goes deep and takes the corner and safety with him and you throw a screen to Miller for a possible 10 or 15 yard gain, or maybe more if they bring the blitz. I know we do not normally run this in our offense but make some adjustments to win games. I believe this will soften up the pass rush and allow enough time to hit Wallace deep. I believe the Bengals will come after us early and often especially when they watch the game tape. 

Also I would like to bring up an interesting question, which receiver would you rather have,  a player like Wallace who doesn't appear to say much, besides what he said after the first game, or someone like Bryant who goes and fights for the football but you get the diva side of him. Both have risk and reward.
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Bottom line is, I thought the coaching staff would be a strength of this team, not it's Achilles heel. Sherman is dialing up A&M 2009 in the second half and we are getting out coached by US! If 3 receiver sets getting Tannehill killed - use 2 TE's or 2 backs. It''s easy to do - Where is this super fast offense that was going to break offensive play records. As far as what you say about Wallace? He is Ted Ginn, so get him in the open field or use him as a decoy because he is a waste of $$. And please coach Philbin - stop praising the other teams after your staff gives away the game - you should have one loss - the other 3 are on you and your staff.