Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clarifying who's who (and what's what)

Hi everyone...I saw a comment on an earlier post about who Bitchin' Dave is. And well, I am he.

I have had this website for about 15 years, and was probably the original blogger in the Miami Dolphins space. My attitude about the team changed over the years, and at some point it became decidedly more negative (dang the truth hurt sometimes!)....so I stopped being the primary contributor, and instead post sometimes about general issues - or if I see something that I want to call attention to.

But the site has some notoriety, so I thought rather than let it languish, I'd invite others to post their thoughts about the team. You'll see Carl, the Mad Dolphan, Richard, and a few others post at times. Just check the tag line to see who wrote the article.

There are some good, informative posts that I think make this site richer and more interesting than just me posting about my grandmother (eyes roll). So please enjoy, and feel free to comment on any posts you see.

Cheers, Dave
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