Thursday, October 10, 2013

AFC East Offensive Line Rankings

They say that football games are won in the trenches so lets take a look at how we stack up against our foes in the division after the first 5 games.

Bills: Rank 3rd in Rushing...178 Attempts for 763 Yards for a 4.29 yd avg and have given up 15 Sacks

Jets: Rank 8th in Rushing...147 Attempts for 610 Yards for a 4.15 yd avg and have given up 18 Sacks

Pats: Rank 11th in Rushing...140 Attempts for 582 Yards for a 4.16 yd avg and have given up 11 Sacks

Dolphs: Rank 28th in Rushing...95 Attempts for 348 Yards for a 3.66 yd avg and have given up 24 Sacks

The Bills have carried the ball almost twice as much as we have so they have obviously made a commitment to it and are seeing the results because of that commitment.  The Bills are creating a physical enviornment by running the ball over 35 times per game.  They are eating up yards and the time of possession. 

The Jets have been trying to protect Geno Smith from making costly mistakes and are averaging close to 30 carries a game.  Geno Smith is playing better now but they should still continue to pound the ball and try to win with a strong defense.

The Pats line is really good.  I remember watching them in preseason and seeing Brady just standing there for minutes with no one near him.  The pocket was incredible.  And still is.  They have only given up a total of 11 Sacks, of which 4 occurred in last weeks loss to Cincinnati.  Brady was sacked only 7 times in the previous 4 games.  And they are running the ball well enough to average over 4 yards per carry.  Their O line is their best unit on their team.

Our Dolphs need to commit more to the run as 95 attempts just isn't going to produce the needed results.  When you average less than 20 attempts per game, how can any offensive line expect to get into a rhythm. We are basically running the ball about 4-5 times per quarter.  That's it. 

Regardless of our production, we still have to pound it in there to protect Tannehill from being teed off on.  And when we have the ball 3rd and 1, can we, at the very least, get Daniel Thomas on the field to pound it in the A gap.  Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito should be able to get us one damn yard.     

Carl Leone
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