Friday, September 20, 2013

We musn't get over confident!

It bothers me that everyone in South Florida is so confident that we will win.   I do believe we have the horses to win, but we have to run a very clean & efficient race.  

When Chris Perkins picks us to win by 12 points, 32-20, I start to panic.   I can't remember the last time that guy picked our game even remotely close to accurately.  

Please team.  Do not drink the cool-aid.  We (YOU) must execute on Defense, "The front feeds the back!"  D-Line get after those O-Lineman.   DBs - cover, cover cover.  LBs stay on the TEs.   D hit Matty Ice.  And finally, wrap up when the ball carrier is in your vicinity.  CREATE TURNOVERS!

On Offense:  Protect the football first and foremost.   O-Lineman make some running room for Miller and Thomas.  And, Tanny, make good decisions.  Throw the damn ball away sometimes.  Throw accurately, and hit your man in stride.  We need to play flawless football.

Play sound Special Teams.  And, everyone keep the yellow flags in the pockets of the refs.   Play smart!

And of course the most important thing:  Sherman and Coyle - Call a great game!   Give your players the opportunity to win their match-ups. 

Let's go take this one, because Atlanta is not going to rollover and hand it to us. 
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Play with a swagger. Confidence breeds success!