Wednesday, September 04, 2013

We are the superior team - it comes down to play calling

The Miami Dolphins are a quality team from a roster stand point.  We should not lose to Cleveland.  If we do, it would be a coaching snafu.  At this point, the fate of the season is tied more to the Game Plan and the offensive play-calling than it is with holes in the talent or the roster.

I have stated a few times in previous posts that calling sweeps inside the 10 yard line is a coaching mistake.   It is interesting that today, Sherman said, “We have to be able to run the ball better in the red zone because people really defend the pass pretty well,” Sherman said. “There’s just so many defenders up there in the short areas. They just make it impossible to throw some times.... A couple of games ago I thought I could have done a better job calling some runs down there.”

I love that our Offensive Coordinator is critical of his own play-calling when he makes obvious mistakes.  I think also that he plans to throw the ball more.    I read between the lines.  And truth is, Tannehill throws a bullet - which is very hard for defenders to intercept.   I am excited to see a wide-open playbook this year.  Protecting the the young Quarterback from making mistakes should not be a thought at all.   In Texas Hold'em vernacular, it is time to go "All-In."  We have the hands, we have the speed, and we have the experience.  Further, I think our O-Line will be better than average.  Clabo and Pouncey are studs.  Martin and Incognito are above average, and Jerry is pretty good against pressure defenses.

If (and I fully expect this) our offensive identity is Pass First to set up the run, we will be a very good offense.  When we go 4 wide (using Thigpen), we will have 3 very fast receivers.   I cannot remember a time we had this kind of speed on offense.   It will allow our O-linemen to hold their blocks for less time, and it will produce some very favorable one-on-one match-ups.  I am hoping that the anticipation that Tannehill started to show this preseason will continue, so that he can launch the deep ball before the receiver makes his final break (my mind flashes to Marino throwing the ball to the place he expected Duper or Clayton would be).

Again, I expect our offense to score somewhere between 24 and 31 points against the Browns.  And, with our Defense, we will win handily.

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