Thursday, September 05, 2013

Warren Sapp - Tannehill will surpass Marino

I DVR a few of the NFL shows.  So, last night I couldn't sleep and I watched the NFL Network 2013 Game Day premier show at 2am.   One of the features was the "Bold Predictions" segment near the very end of the show. 

Warren Sapp said Ryan Tannehill will surpass Marino's second season numbers.  You remember.  The 5086 yards year with 48 TDs.   I am pretty sure Sapp was being 'Tongue and Cheek' with his prediction.  However, he must have some belief in the ability and upside potential of Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan, I am not asking for 5000 yards and 40 TDs.   But, 4500 yards and 32 TDs will get us to the playoffs.

I couldn't stop laughing after I heard Warren Sapp's Bold Prediction.   I must admit.  It made me feel warm all over.  I might need to get a life.  LOL
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I love Tannehill as much as any true Dolphin fan but I seriously had to laugh at that statement. Warren Sapp makes his living on these over-the-top statements that are nothing more than his arrogant bravado coming out. I think he just makes himself look stupid and his statement doesn't really help us. It just fuels the nay-sayers.


I can't disagree!


I seen the "bold predictions" segment also ....I must say it was quite entertaining. I have seen enough evidence now from Sapp. Mark my words Warren Sapp is secretly a Dolphins Fan. He always says good stuff about the Dolphins....This last statement was his latest positive comment about the Phins. It would be a miracle if it actually happened (especially with lost of Keller) but Im glad to hear anything positive about the Dolphins


Yes, as a UM alum - he follows us. No Doubt! And, I agree. Finally some positive press. Although, Ron Jaworski has high praise for our offense as well.


Warren stay off the bong!


Well Tannehill has to average 3 TDs and 317 yards a game. With the way the rules favor the passing game it isn't that far fetched. However, it's a very lofty goal for any second year quarterback.

All the quarterbacks who have surpassed Marino's numbers were in the leaque a while before they accomplished it. Which only goes to show how amazing 1984 was for a 2nd year qb, who begins the season as the starter for the first time and then goes out and just shatters the record book.

I hope Ryan can do it but it is very unlikely.