Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking look at the past and future.

If you had told me the Dolphins would end up at 2-3 heading into the bye week I would be content. Before the season the Browns were seen as an up and coming team with a strong defense and a good run game. A team that could keep things close and grind out a victory. The Andrew Luck lead Colts were considered a playoff contender and it seemed as though they were primed to win a playoff game this season. The next three opponents were 3 for sure playoff teams, the Falcons, Saints and Ravens. So  by telling me we would finish 2-3 means that we would beat at least one playoff caliber team and I would be happy with that. With an easier schedule after the bye it would set us up nicely to finish with 9 or 10 wins and be in wild card contention.

Well we are guaranteed to at least be 2-3 going into the bye. However in the span of just 2 weeks everything has changed. We are 2-0 heading into our home opener in Miami in front of an excited crowd. Atlanta is a super bowl contender but it seems like a real possibility that we will win this game. Atlanta is beat up just 2 weeks into the season. Stephen Jackson is out, and Roddy White and Asante Samuel are banged up as both of them did not practice yesterday. There offensive line has allowed a bunch of quarterback pressure and with our new and improved pass rush it should be a good day for the defensive line. We are healthier than them and I believe this game will be close and one that we can win. If we win here we are set up very nicely at 3-0 and with this momentum a 4-1 record heading into the bye week is very likely as well. Where we stand right now I would be happy if we are 3-2 honestly but the Dolphins have exceeded my expectations already why can't they continue? A win at home will be huge for this team and makes this game crucial for the Dolphins. I am liking this team and without a doubt believe they are a playoff team. Like I have said before, just enjoy the ride, it looks fun.

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