Monday, September 23, 2013

Offensive Redzone Effeciency

The Miami Dolphins are 1st in the NFL scoring a touchdown 87.50% of the times they enter the Redzone on offense.  Thank you Coach Philbin.   I attribute this surprising 3-game statistic to Coach Philbin's dogged insistence on practicing to finish drives.

Further, Miami has not given up a touchdown in the fourth quarter.  This defense plays bigger and bigger as the game wears-on.  Wins like this are so satisfying.  We have a complete, albeit beat-up, and pretty deep (solid) football team.  Four or five of our backups finished that game and the defense STILL did not give up a 4th Quarter TD.  WOW!

If you would have told me the defense would not register a sack, and we would still only allow 2 out of 5 TDs in the Redzone, I would have said you were crazy.

This is a TEAM.   They play like a team.   They say the right things about each other... They want to win and it is obvious.   This is more than a job to them.   They want this.  I love my 2013 Miami Dolphins.

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I'm with you Dave. This is this most exciting season I can remember since Dan Marino retired. I think we finally have a good head coach (not perfect but very good). We are finally seeing what Jeff Ireland can do and our owner pretty much stays out of it. Getting guys with the right attitude has created a cohesive team chemistry. The value of team chemistry cannot be overstated. I've been seeing it develop the whole off season while the naysayers could only see negatives I could see something special developing. Who knows at this point how far it will take us. At some point in the season we will lose some games. As fans we need to be behind our team and not lose heart. Our Dolphins are for real!


They look like something special can happen this year.


Absolutely David! If you read my posts over the last 90 days, it is clear that I have been one of very few who wrote positive articles about our talent, our GM and our coaching staff. I am glad that you were part of that thinking as well.

Even if we lose this week against the Saints, I will be writing a positive article. I see how poorly we played in this game home game and yet we are still winning. If we play well, we can beat anybody!