Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miami remains undefeated

Your Miami Dolphins are 3-0 after beating the super bowl caliber Falcons 27-23. Tannehill was able to lead a touchdown winning drive in the final 4 minutes. This is not only a win on the box column but also means the Dolphins have been able to beat 2 playoffs teams from last year and are playoff bound and dare I say super bowl? Who knows what could happen. We had a brutal opening schedule and we have come up strong. Next game is against the Saints on prime time and we could show the whole world just how good of a team we are.  I am enjoying this ride.
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Go phins! where are all the phin haters criticizing us before the season started?


A very impressive win. For the first time I feel that this is legit and don't have the "they've done it with smoke n mirrors. Injuries are worrisome but so far so good.


They come out as soon as we lose a game, for now they are hiding lol


Hopefully we get through the season without any more major injuries like Keller