Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miami Herald, I beg of you. Hire 3 new Beat Writers.

Adam Beasley is an idiot.   His last article complains that letting Richard Marshall go was a mistake. 

Marshall was the worst corner I have ever seen in a Dolphins uniform, no offense Richard, but you were unimpressive at best.    It was addition by subtraction.

Then, three out of the five beat writers at the Miami (fish-wrap) Herald picked the Colts to win.

When are we, the fan-base, going insist that the non-supportive beat writers need to go find another team?   We want better reporting with less negativity!   Get on board or get out of town.  Yes, you Salguero, Neal and Beasley.   You have no business reporting for my team.  You guys keep twisting the coaches and the players words to fit your agenda. 

Leave the reporting to people who actually love the Dolphins.  We do a much better job.

By the way, Miami will win this game convincingly, 27-17.   I believe in our Defense to completely disrupt their offense and destroy their offensive line, and I believe in the offense to pick apart the Colts porous defense.  My respect for Luck is why I predicted 17 points.   I want to say,  "10 points is all our defense gives up," but that may be pushing it.

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I've been commenting over there for a while that they need to be replaced. They represent the losing mentality we're trying to shake from our beloved team. Like our trash they need to be tossed aside and replaced with fresh young talent. Always enjoy your segments Mad, you say exactly what every other analyst is afraid to say. Screw them, let's crush the Colts on Sunday. I agree with the Colts score, but in the end it's 34-17. Tannehill 3 TD passes (I don't think he's thrown more then 2 in a game so I'm being realistic here, but I do expect our ground game to improve, there's nowhere to go from the bottom but up) Wallace gets 2 TDs. If I'm right I'll be back.

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That's actually false. Reporters and beat writers, which , the later, Armando is not are SUPPOSED to be OBJECTIVE. There are not fans! YOU ARE A FAN. I highly doubt a fan, or anyone that is subjective can do a better job. Read Andy Kent articles if all you want to read is sunshine. It was smart of those 3 writers to pick the Colts. They are a better team, and Marshall was not a good corner, but, far from the worst we had. We did have SEAN SMITH! Patterson had one good game, and he's nicked. There's nobody behind him but NOLAN CARROL. Allow me to remind you that this is the guy that got torched for a 99 yd TD by WES WELKER, who is not blazing fast by any stretch. Oh, and the Dolphins have yet to prove they can run the ball. In fact they have proved nothing but the opposite. And your savior QB threw 1TD/1INT vs. THE BROWNS! That's not exactly lighting up the scoreboard. You're a homer man. Face it. The fins aren't the 85 Bears, the 72 Fins, the 06 Pats, etc.


Marc, unfortunatly you are jaded, just like the herald reporters. You say the dolphins have yet to prove anything yet the browns have proved far less- and espn, cbs, miami herald and you failed to see that. Yes reporters are supposed to be objective, but they were in fact, being the opposite. For every reason to pick the browns over the dolphins there were two to pick the dolphins. Again, you are jaded, the guy that threw for 1TD/1INT started the season with a higher quarter back rating than
Ben Roethlisberger
Tom Brady
And Joe Flacco

As far as beat reporters/you thinking that colts are a better team as we stand now I can totally understand it, most people think two dimensionally when thinking about the dolphins.
1. Browns have 2 times the OL the colts do and their OL got manhandled.
2. If the dolphins DL plays as good as they did against the browns, the dolphins could have frick and frack playing CB and it wouldn't help them.
3. The already questionable run game of the colts (yes i said it) was trashed when they had to go with bradshaw.
4. As of this week the colts are a worse overall team than they wore last year (including their head coach) AND...
5. Last years game against the colts could have went EITHER way.

Yes the colts could win, you have to show up fot the game and make the plays but they should NOT win. Right now they have the better QB but the rest of our team is built to stop them.

Dolphin bashing is really out of style right now. Its been done to death, its boring and dolphin fans see it for what it is...

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Would you not have any of those QB's minus Flacco maybe?

as for 1-5 they have one thing we don't. A FRANCHISE QB that can extend plays! Trumps the O-line, trumps the pressure, trumps their running game, and certainly will trump our secondary.

And QB rating RT was middle of the pack, as he was in yards, completions, completion percentage, and TD's.

I watched quite a few games last weekend, RT is an AVERAGE QB! Until he has multiple, consecutive multiple TD vs 0 INT games I won't be sold. Sorry. I watch 2nd year Kap tear it up. I watched old man Manning throw more TD's than Dan ever did, and I love Dan. I haven't seen one game from RT where I've been sold. That's just the way it is.


I dont know who i would rather have, Brady is at the end of his career he has been average to bad the last 3 games hes played- still not sold on running QBs at all. The key to beating them is pound them (in which NFL gave their stamp of approval) it will eventually become obvious as to why quaterbacks who give up on the pass will never win a super bowl (injuries)

Once the run is taken away from them and CBs and safetys do not have to adjust on the fly, then we can judge them, until then i want no part of it.

And pocket passers are not supposed to start year one unless they have a steller supporting cast around them- tanne was thrown to the wolves and he didnt do too bad. And yes Tannehill is a pocket passer.

Besides all that, i was actually just talking about the colts- At this point, the colts have a better QB (who should be beat up badly by the front 7) and Miami has the better team. The people that should be picking the colts are the national media who get passed a piece of paper and haven't stepped foot inside a miami practice. But looking at with knowledge and without bias, the objective thing to do would be picking the dolphins.

And really that is not an opinion, its just the way it is.
Will the dolphins win- haven't got a clue
Should they win? Absolutly.


:) yeah Man! I love it.


I agree with Ken. If you are going to report "Objectively," then do that!

The articles at the Miami Herald, the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentinel (for the most part) start from the root assumption of negativity. They try to stir up "stuf" because they have become bored (it seems) with traditional objective reporting.

I can't wait to read an objective article from them.


Marc, RT has the IT factor. You must be blind if you don't see it. He will be our QB for the next 10 years.

He gets better every single game. I love this guy. We are very lucky to have him.

You are spoiled - we all are. Dan was just so dynamic, he made all other QBs seem inferior.

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Well, right now I'm impressed! Hopefully they can hold on

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Okay okay, I'll eat some winner's crow. It's gonna have a side of winner's steak. With a I don't give a crap we won Cola.



we are 2-0...


Let's go get some bird for dinner - next Sunday.