Sunday, September 08, 2013

Keys To The Game

This game's keys start with the forecast for 17 mph winds and that will effect the play calling and accuracy of both the passing and kicking games.

1) Passing game: don't expect a large amount of completions down the field although both teams will attempt to loosen up the opposition. So the success of both teams' passing will fall on the slot receivers' ability to move the chains.

2) Running game: expect heavy doses early as both teams look to establish the line of scrimmage and ground and pound their way to a win.

3) Caleb Sturgis: kicking in these winds is no picnic and how he warms up will determine whether Philbin is willing to risk any 45+ yard field goals which may give Cleveland excellent field position should he miss.

4) Field position: as in any game field position will dictate play calling. But when two teams are, quite frankly, evenly matched, as the Browns factor in Home Field Advantage, special teams and turnovers will decide this game, as the short field will bring home the "W".

Xs and Os aside, expect close to the vest play calling and a rather short game in both actual time and yardage gained.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Great analysis... however, a tight spiral will cut through the wind... Tannehill throws a tight spiral. I expect our offense will go to the air early and often - to set up the run...


1 PM will tell