Monday, September 23, 2013

Jeff Ireland gets his contract extended

What did they say back in the offseason? The teams that win in the offseason usually struggle in the regular season. However the Dolphins are 3-0 with an improved offense and defense. Our offense can actually score points and build comebacks. The defense can make crucial stops and to think with all these new pieces they could only get better. Everyone said it would take us time til Wallace and Tannehill get on the same page as well as other pieces such as Gibson. Grimes has played great and made plays just like Wheeler and Ellerbe. Oh and I forgot special teams, have you seen Sturgis? A big offseason which many saw as a desperate move actually played out really well and I think Ireland deserves the credit. Hopefully the criticisms can stop after the end of this season.
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Good! I am very pleased with the direction this team has taken. Keep up the good work!