Sunday, September 22, 2013

It all boils down to defensive pressure on Matt Ryan

If Matty Ice has all day to find Jones, Gonzales, and White, this game will become a shoot-out.  And, although I am very interested to see Ryan Tannehill in a full-fledged shoot-out with a top 10 QB, I would feel better about a balanced offensive attack in which Sherman calls a great game and we simply out-execute the Falcon defense all day.

The key to this game boils down to Defensive Pressure by the Miami Dolphins.   If we make Matt Ryan a little nervous in the pocket, he will lose some of that pin-point accuracy for which he is known.   Pressure up front means better play by the DBs. 

Their offense is the only thing that scares me.   WE WILL get our points.  Their defense is gettable.  We should put up 27 to 31 points.   Can we hold them under 20?    I really want to see that.

The second thing we need to see is semi-decent running game to work the clock in the second half.

In preseason, I had this as a 2 TD loss.   I did not believe we matched-up.  I think we do now, due to our improved play, and their injuries.   It will be tough, but we can win this.   Miami Wins 31-23
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