Thursday, September 19, 2013

If Atlanta were healthy, I might lean that way.

Everyone knows how upbeat I am about the Dolphins.   I have stated over and over, this is the most talent (up and down) that we have had in over 20 years...   I am very excited.

That said, The Falcons are one of those perfectly balanced teams that scares me.   We are nicked up, and so are they.  I am bothered to find out that Tannehill is hurting.   It is bothersome that so many of our Defensive Backs are fighting injury.   Paul Soliai missing will hurt a little as well.   However, Jackson not able to go for Atlanta will make the middle run defense slightly easier.

This is the thing:   Matt Ryan is not that mobile.  BUT, he is one of the most accurate passers in the NFL.   If we can't get pressure on him early and often, we will be in trouble.    To be honest, this is a team that somewhat resembles the Patriots.  We must to be able to defend the pass.   On offense, we must attack their DBs.  That is pretty much their only weakness on Defense.   I am really hoping that their weakness on Offense is their inability to protect their passer -  I hope i hope.

Tanny, I sure hope you are healthy.   We need you this week.

Patterson, Clemons, Soliai, Davis, Taylor - we need you guys too.   Get healthy.  We will need you the rest of the way!

Now for my pick this week:   I picked this game in preseason as a loss - a very close loss.   However, after reviewing Atlanta's injuries, it makes more sense that this is a pick'em game.   When I started writing this morning, I intended to pick the Falcons in a very close game, but I just couldn't.  Something tells me, we are ready to play with the big boys.   I think we will have to play almost flawless Defense, and very cleanly on Offense.  We have the slight edge as this is a home game, and we should have a decent showing of fans.  Miami 20, Atlanta 17.    Even nicked up, our defense will get to Matty Ice a few times and turn this game in our favor.

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It could happen. I would not bet a nickle on this game. Too many variables right now.


I really am worried about that passing game of theirs. I think it may be more polished than Indy's