Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Much Fun Is This

It has been a while, hasn't it?  Been a while since we have become this competitive.

And we are not doing it with mirrors or Wildcats or luck for that matter. Just good sound football.

Surprisingly, we are 3-0 without any one player listed in the Top Ten of passing, rushing or receiving yards.

When the schedule was released, everyone looked at our first 5 games and felt if we got to the bye at 2-3 we would take it.  Surprisingly, we are 3-0!

We have witnessed the maturization of Ryan Tannehill. He now statistically leads all those other 2012 first round QBs.  Tannehill's improvement is the biggest reason we are 3-0.

Our Red Zone defense is a big reason we are 3-0.

Our special teams are a big reason we are 3-0.

As we head into the Superdome to face the 3-0 Saints on Monday night, we are now 6 1/2 point underdogs after the line opened at 5 1/2.  For the line to move a point, a whole point, lots of money has to be on one team. So much more than the other team that they need to entice bettors to take the other team by moving the odds so the house can offset the bets.

70% of the bettors gotta be laying money on the Saints. Who could blame them?

The Saints have Drew Brees. They have their head coach, Sean Payton, back. They have a much improved defense, under Rob Ryan, currently ranked #5. They are home in what will be an emotionally charged stadium.

Who realistically gives us a chance?

What most football fans across the nation, those who don't follow our Dolphins, fail to realize is that we are 3-0 because we play as a team at the most critical times of the game.

And that makes us tough!  That makes us a team to be reckoned with.

That alone has made the start of this season so much fun.  When we needed someone, anyone, to make a play, to turn the tide, someone least expected has stepped up.

It has been an incredible ride so far. Will we win Monday night?  The odds makers say no.  The bettors say no. The analysts say no.

Too bad for the Saints they won't be playing those guys.

Nope.  The Saints will be facing a TEAM.  A playing tough, playing loose, letting it go group of guys who pull together when it matters most.

The Saints are facing a team that is literally playing with house money.  3-0 is more than anyone has expected.

And that has made this start to this season so much fun and so memorable.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Best post I've read in years. Well done!


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