Monday, September 09, 2013

Double Digit Win Prediction

If you have followed my posts, you know I have strong POSITIVE feelings about this year.  I see a fast solid playoff-bound football team.  Yes, the O-Line needs to gel.  And, I'm certain they will.  I actually expect to win the division.

I predicted the 2 score victory against the Browns.  So, here we go again.  I predict another Double Digit victory against the Indianapolis Colts.  YES I DO!  I have not lost my mind.  Unlike the rest of the national press, I am not convinced that Andrew Luck is the next coming of Peyton Manning.    In fact, I predict that Ryan Tannehill will actually have better numbers by days-end this Sunday.  Yes, the 8 for 17 comeback victories is special.  But, Miami is not the Raiders.  Andrew Luck will be hit hard and often.  He will not get a comeback against this Defense.

I predicted preseason that we would Beat the Browns 24-13.  We actually won 23-10.

I also, predicted preseason that we would beat Indy in a squeaker 23-21.  I am now predicting we will win this game, 27-17.  We are that much better...  The speed on both sides of the ball will be too much for the Colts.


  1. I also agree it will be a Dolphin's victory. I feel that the running games and o-line plays well. I think Wallace's speed will be showcased on the artificial turf. Put Grimes on Reggie Wayne and the rest cover those darn TE's. Miami wins by double digits. 31-10.

    1. Nice! More offense and more Defense!!! We can definitely spread out the Colts while on Offense.

  2. i thing Miami will do just fine stay tuned

  3. i thing Miami will do just fine stay tuned