Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boycott Chris Perkins

I am pretty upset with the beat writers at the Sun Sentinel.  First, I believe they hurt commerce in South Florida.   I believe they further the negative haterdom that the last 10 years of poor on-field performances has produced.   I want my beat writers to actually love the city, and love my team.  I want them to realize that sometimes they perpetuate a lack of interest and impact the number of butts in the seats at Joe Robbie Stadium.   I am not saying I want a bunch of corporate yes men.  No, I want the writers to create an excitement about this team.  

We just won our opener on the road against a decent team, not a great team but a decent one.   Most of the nonsense I read this week (especially right after the win) from that fish-wrap of a newspaper was the blown-out of proportion non-story about Wallace, the finger from Starks and the unhappiness of Soliai. 

I mean really!  Miami just went out and systematically made the team a contender with good draft picks over the last 3 years and great free agent pick-ups this year and WE WON OUR (ROAD) OPENER!  

Chris Perkins needs to find a hole, get in it and pull the dirt in on himself.  Stop writing about my beloved Miami Dolphins.  

Further Mr. Perkins:
The Miami Dolphins are the far superior team this week.   It isn't even close.   Yes, the Colts have the better QB.  But, Tannehill is not chopped liver.   He gets better every single week.   

This game will not be close.  We will dominate both sides of the ball.  This will be a double digit victory for the Miami Dolphins. 

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Perkins is Kelly's disciple in ignorance. That Jamaican born, who never played a down of football, read a book once on the road to Jerusalem and became enlightened. His vanity remained intact, as his shoes, car, body, hip hoppity lifestyle still are prime motivators in his shallow life. What has fed Kelly's vanity the most is his status on Twitter, his own new found congregation to whom he can preach to.

Blah, blah, blah... I don't know why I even throw my pearls before swine.


Singing to the Choir!!!

I remember a few years ago... Kelly the self-proclaimed Lineman Specialist said, "I know talent and they should just cut Paul Soliai right now. He is never going to be a Nose Tackle in this league." I knew at that moment that Omar was just a wind-bag. It is one thing to guess the result of a game inaccurately, but when you proclaim to be a talent evaluator, and you miss so horribly....

good post!


Great Post Dave. I was upset to. I was so excited to see RT have a solid opening game on the road. Our Def line dominated and clearly are special this year. Then I see the primary writers all negative. Headlines like running game falls short. Mike Wallace upset, Randy Starks upset. I saw Omar writing how he called out that the Dolphins used R Bush wrong. Really? We just went into the Dog Pound and won on opening day! What happened to writers that love the team and are not out there worried about themselves. A couple I do suggest are Curt F from (He does not much these days but very good dolphins writer) As well as Andy C from dolphins digest. Walker Hyde Kelly Perkins are all jokes imo