Monday, September 09, 2013

Any team can be beaten on any given Sunday

Watching the Dolphins game yesterday I couldn't help but glance every so often at the scores at the bottom. It seemed like every game was close, even the ones that most predicted to be blowouts. New England won on a field goal late in the game to the Bills, a team that most see as a 5 win team. The Jets who most saw as one of the favorites to land the number one pick beat the Buccaneers because Tampa just wanted to gift them the win by committing an unnecessary roughness call on Geno Smith when he went out of bound which instead of it being a 60+ yard kick it was a 48. Indianapolis, our opponent for next week, couldn't put away the Pryor lead Raider until Pryor threw a pick in the red zone at the end of the game. Big Ben and Eli Manning who many analyst say are elite QBs lost to Tony Romo and Jake Locker. 

I know offenses aren't supposed to click right away and usually teams with the best defenses win games early in the season but try telling that to Peyton Manning. The point of this whole post is to show you that this is why you play the games and don't just go with what's on paper. Yes the Patriots and Colts both won but look at who they played. This is why I am confident the Dolphins will be able to pull off a win against the Colts. Have you seen our defense? And that was with our 3rd overall pick hurting and our two rookie corner backs injured. 3 interceptions and 6 sacks. That is how you start a season off right on defense. The Browns have a good run game, Trent Richardson is a monster but he only had 47 yards. 

Our offense needs work, I get it. We didn't run the ball the way we wanted to but Tannehill played pretty well. Brandon Gibson played really well in his first game with the Dolphins, and Hartline scored as many TDs as he did all of last season on a single game. I love the chemistry those two have made. Also Charles Clay has played well in place of injured Dustin Keller. Give the Browns defense credit, Joe Haden is no slacker, he is a pro bowl caliber CB. And he shut down Mike Wallace, but he needed a safety at almost every play to help him out. Some of our wide receivers were wide open because Wallace demanded a double team, and I'll take that. The Browns have a stout defensive line just like we do, they shut our run game down to the point we basically abandoned it. 

Overall I am happy with how we played and just looking at other "elite" teams who struggled to beat up on or win against teams that were supposedly already in the running for the first overall pick. Based on how we played and how the Colts played I think we have a really good chance at beating them. I predict the game will be close all the way until the end. Any analyst who tells you it will be a blowout and an easy win for the Colts will be proven wrong. If the Colts had a hard time against the Raiders what is to suggest they won't have one against us? We have a better defense and a better offense than the Raider in my opinion. That's the end to my little rant because I saw a bunch of analysts pick the Browns and some said the Browns will blow us out. I am so glad football is back. 
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