Monday, September 02, 2013

4 WRs or, is Marcus Thigpen number 5?

Early in camp we saw Marcus Thigpen line up in the slot and also a few times in the number 2 WR position.  I believe the coaching staff has decided that there is enough talent at TE and using the speed of Thigpen (even as a decoy) that we would be fine going into any week with just 4 WRs.

Losing Francis hurt!  It was added salt to the wound when NE signed him.

All those DBs...   I guess we are guarding against an injury to the secondary.   It also confirms the coaching staff's perceived weaknesses - The backup secondary (kept 11 total - and we never play more than 6 at a time - in the dime package) and then the backup linebackers (kept 7 in a 4-3???). 

I predicted we would NOT go get a TE.   I am completely comfortable with the talent we have there.  Sims looks good and will get better.   Hell, Egnew was open at least 4 times and not targeted in the NO game.  He will be fine.  Clay, go get the damn ball - You have the skill, now go fight for the ball.  Stop letting it come to you.  Overall, if the talent develops, we could be very good at this position by year end.

Cleveland Game Prediction:  Miami 24 - Cleveland 13 (I am actually hoping for a 17 point victory, but I don't want to get greedy).

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