Sunday, September 15, 2013

2-0 And Heading Home

Great early road trip by the Dolphins!

Winning 2 in a row on the road in the NFL is no easy picnic.  But the Dolphins are gonna make believers out of a lot of people after coming out of Indy with a win against a play off caliber team.

Ryan Tannehill played great today.  300+ yards passing, a TD, no interceptions and a 107 QB rating. He took the crowd out of the game early.

He did under throw a wide open Wallace for 34 yards down to the one but Clay punched it in soon after.

Speaking of Clay, great game with 109 yards receiving and his first rushing TD. Keller who?

Wallace with 9 catches for 115 yards and a TD. Should leave him speechless.

No penalties for the Dolphins!  WOW!!!

Grimes is worth well more than 5+ million. Better lock him down now.

Poor time management late in the game. We have a first down with 4:36 left. Hartline gets pushed out of bounds and then the problem. Two incomplete passes and we only take 20+ seconds off the clock before punting it away. Not good.

Huge run by Miller to pick up the first down and ice the game. You can see him look at the chains while going down and reach out with the ball to make sure he got the first down. Veteran play.

Sturgis is a steal for a 5th round pick. Once again, great job on touchbacks and that was one hell of a 2 for 1 special on tying up the game at the half with that 54 yarder and wait. Time Out Colts, no kick. No problem, he splits the uprights again! Impressive and another shot at Rookie of the Week.

Turns out that the 54 yarder forced the Colts to have to score a TD late rather than just kicking a game winning FG.

Hey Dion Jordan, this isn't 2 hand touch! You should have drilled Luck into tomorrow.

Great job coaches and players. The fan base is very proud of you and fired up for Atlanta at our joint next Sunday!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Only comment is that Dion Jordan has played against Andrew Luck and he still tries to push him down? Did he ever even sack Luck in college?


Not sure Dennis, but it could easily be researched.

Jordan is still a puppy when it comes to being an NFL player. Not only does he need experience, but he needs to beef up some.

When you look at our D line, there is a great mix of youth and veterans. We are blessed with a tremendous amount of talent in that area of our team. Ireland has down a wonderful job putting that group together. Shelby could start anywhere in the league, except here.

Are you excited about the team?