Monday, August 12, 2013

Views on the new uniform and logo

I got a few emails after posting the poll. So
I thought I'd present a sampling:

"The uniforms are unbalanced, too much bright aqua, not enough orange (orange is still their secondary color, right?). "

"Logos should be sacred, not marketing tools. Honestly, why not return to their 1972 look? No other team has ever had a perfect season. Why not honor that tradition by maintaining that look? "

And John Spilovoy had this to say, and wanted to be sure the team knew:

"I realize its a little late in the game, but where can I register my outrage at the new logo?  I know its probably here to stay, but I just want to let them know that not all fans are happy.  I have been a fan since 1971, probably longer than the idiots who designed the logo.  My team has a logo of a dolphin leaping through a ring a fire, quite an accomplishment.  Without the helmet or any facial expression, the new dolphin looks like an airplane banking.  I hope it crashes."

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I'm a product of the old NFL when we didn't have so many teams. Growing up in NC without a team I embraced the Dolphins and never looked back. This logo will never be on anything I own! I will remain a Dolphins fan but I plan to only wear the old logo until someone makes a change!


Terrible!! Blue stripe on helmet, bright green numbers? You shoulda painted them pink! They look like sissies out there!!


Wow!You people are unbelievable!The new uniz,colors and logo aren't that bad! I like the Colors,the white on white uniz looked solid with the white facemask, Granted it took me sumtime to open up to the look of these new uniz,cuz like all of the real Dolphanz it kinda threw me off cuz I didn't expect the logo to look completely revamped and new and I didn't like it at all,looks weird without the Dolphin wearing a M Helmet,other than the logo which will take major getting used to,overall I like the colors, they're more lighter not that bright and looks more like they're Traditional colors,uniz are dope! The Dolphin is ascending upwards,which is when it's the most powerful,similar to this Franchise and Team,the Dolphins are only getting better and better and creating more and more momentum,they're also ascending into greatness,and when we start winning these uniz will look alot sweeter, trust me on that!


Personally I'm a fan of the throwback uniforms. I don't know why more teams don't use old color schemes and logos. I'm a fan of 1990-1996 uniforms or even the 1974-1989 uniforms. Even teams like the Broncos and Seahawks have looked better with 70's and 80's unis. At least we didn't look as bad as the Jaguars new uni's. Those things are hideous.


Um that guy is an idiot. Its never been a ring of fire. It the sun you noob.


Why are you guys talking about this? Do you think for 1 second Larry Czonka cared one iota about his bloody uniform? What difference does the color or logo matter? The ONLY thing that matters is a winning playoff Miami Dolphins football team... get with the program my brethren. This is about wins and losses, not cheerleaders or songs or small % owners or uniforms - WINS.


I like the white uniforms a lot. The white on white looks greats. Its the same like what the Heat are doing with their white uniforms. The aqua ones aren't bad though. I think it might look a little strange on TV because it looks a lot brighter and is a lighter shade of aqua but I think we will all get used to it. The all white look should give us a little slight advantage playing in Miami especially during September and early October.

It's weird to say this but the new logo seems faster than the older one. I remember watching games last year and the especially during the Sparano era and thinking "we might have the slowest team in the NFL" this has changed now with Wallace, Keller and Miller now in the mix on offense and Brent Grimes and Dion Jordan on defense" A lot more speed now