Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The TE Solution

I saw this done in College and in High School all the time.  I am surprised that I am the first to suggest this:

Let's get one of the young athletic DT or DE that we will probably have to cut anyway and risk losing before we stash them on the practice squad and turn them into a TE for the season.  Special Teams/TE and DT in a pinch.    The beauty is that they already know the playbook (in a way).  They played against one of the best in the business, Dustin Keller.   Maybe one or two of them picked up a few of his moves. I know I'm reaching :)

1. AJ Francis - this kid can play football.
2. Kheeston Randall - very athletic
3. Derrick Shelby - a beast
4. ETC...

Or, even OT Jeff Adams, the 6-7 kid out of Kentucky.   He probably has good hands - He played HS basketball.   Might be a touch slow in the 40 though...

Actually, JO Jared Odrick, big number 98 would be an awesome TE.   He has the size of a Lineman and the quickness of a DE.  I think he can catch too.

Find the fleetest of foot, most flexible guy with hands out of the group above and see if he can pick-up the nuances of TE.  At least let some of the younger coaches try.  We might be able to stash a promising DL player who might otherwise get poached. 
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What about dion jordan? He has the size, speed, and use to play TE


You guys are reaching. This is a 53 man professional roster not a 35 player high school, pop warner or juco team.
Those guys are defenders for a reason. They can't catch.


"-- Much like the tailbacks, I assume the tight ends the Dolphins use will be package based. Clay is H-back. Sims for blocking, Egnew for seam." - Smartest thing Omar Kelly (and/or Chris Perkins) has ever said.