Thursday, August 15, 2013

The O-Line Verses Wade Phillips' modified 3-4 (or 5-2)

The test for our starting offensive line this week is immense.  Wade Philips has the personnel to flat-out beat most team's "good" offensive lines.   We are average so far this preseason... but getting better.   If we have a minor setback this week, Dolphin Nation should take it in stride.  

In my opinion, Seattle, San Fransisco, Houston and Miami have the 4 best Front 7s in the NFL.    And, our O-Line gets routinely beat by our Defense.  That 3-4/5-2 when running all of its crosses and floating DTs and LBs is as formidable as there is in football.  Sad to say, our O-Line is not playing at full strength.  However, I do expect to see a better result than in the Dallas game.  Jacksonville was not a stern test and we still had issues protecting Ryan Tannehill (some of which were his fault for holding the ball about a half second too long). 

If the Miami Dolphins' O-Lines  holds-up well against this Front 7, we are over the hump.   We will be a force this year. 

Our Defense is going to be special, so our offense simply needs to contribute about 18 points a game for us to have a double digit win season.  I believe they will.
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Yes MD, both defensive fronts this week are very formidable. Should be an interesting first quarter.

I just hope we keep JJ Watt off Tannehill. If Martin can keep him at bay, then I would consider Saturday night's game a success no matter the score.