Sunday, August 04, 2013

Seeing Is Believing. Or Wishing I Had looked Away.

Ok. He is starting and those two are not.

Look for this and look for that tonight.

Yada, yada, yada.

Lets face the fact that the only nuclear decision that is going to be made after tonight's game is regarding Left Tackle.  Sure, Martin better hold up at left tackle and if he does wind up  getting completely embarassed then Ireland, who has already been searching the waiver wire for new OL depth,  may have to trade for an upgrade at LT.  I am sure that has not been the GM's plan of attack since the drafting of Dion Jordan at #3 but it may be his only fall back position at this point if Martin falls flat on his face.

That's the only real big super duper concern.

What else do I wanna see?

Everyone walk out of there. No big injuries please.

How about how are these new helmets gonna look with that wide aqua stripe running down the middle with our new logo?  Are we even going to recognize ourselves or will it look like Dallas is scrimmaging some obscure Division II school from out of eastern Tennessee or southern Missouri?

I love these preseason games just to get a glimpse of our high draft picks.  I cannot wait to see if Dion Jordan is the real deal or is he a couple months or even years away from developing into a dominant pass rusher?

Will our defensive backs actually hang onto a ball that doesn't have to get stuck in their new white facemasks in order for us to get an interception?

Will either kicker make a FG over 45 yards?

Will Dallas' WRs have a big game with Kyle Orton starting?

How many snaps before Dustin Keller gets a first down?

Will Dion Sims get a red zone TD?

Can Lamar Miller and Mike Gillislee pass block? 

Finally, will Daniel Thomas fumble his career away starting tonight?

Other than that stuff, give me the chips, M&Ms and some big hits.

Hopefully by us.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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