Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ridiculous thing that made me chuckle

A few years ago, when the dolphins opened the all new club level, I got a tour. As you may recall, one of the things they showed off and touted was the ladies bathroom.

It has nice fixtures and some clever amenities. Sure nothing *that* interesting, but there was one thing that I was thinking about...

The guide pointed out to us that feedback told them that women wanted a place to put their purse while in the Lou. And so they put little cubbies for them to put a purse in.

Okay the fact that they took us on a tour of the ladies room still amuses me.

But with the changes to the rules on what can be brought into the stadium I suddenly realized how funny it is that they have these cubbies. Because this year, women can't bring purses into the stadium.

It just seemed funny to me. But that's just me.
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Lol Dave
They can have clear plastic bags so they will be carrying their tampax down their socks.
The cubbies will make good beer holders. They should put them in the men's room.