Saturday, August 17, 2013

Questions that will be answered tonight at Houston

Tonight, at Houston, we will be playing our 3rd preseason game against the defending AFC South Champs.

And they are loaded on offense.  With Adrian Foster, Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub, they pose quite a challenge to our defensive unit with what could easily be someone's starting fantasy football team.

Which brings up these questions, soon to be answered by 8:30 tonight:

1) I know we won't be able to completely shut them down with such a potent offense but can we force a 3 and out during one of their first quarter series?

2) This matchup will be a true test for our red zone defense.  Can we hold them to FG's?

3) Martin vs JJ Watt. Can our left tackle hold up on his own or will he need some help facing one of the best pass rushers in the league?

4) Will we be able to run the ball effectively? If we are to have a balanced offense, tonight we will need to see it.

5) Can we move the chains? When you play a team with a potent offense, your best defense can be a good offense that limits the opponents offensive opportunities.

These are the burning questions I hope we answer correctly.

What are yours?

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Well, it seems like Pat Devlin is the only QB who can punch it in for a touchdown. Will we ever see Pat Devlin with the starting unit before the season starts?


I don't believe we will David. Although Matt Moore is certainly capable as well, we are going with Ryan Tannehill unless he gets injured. Tannehill needs the reps.
Pat Devlin has impressed me too. I actually thought about him getting a shot at starting. He looks in command and throws a nice ball and if he were on another team searching for a starting QB he may have won that job.
Our depth at QB is probably the best in the league.


Carl, I appreciate your opinion as you know... but you did realize JJ Watt doesn't play R DE or R OLB?

Watt would only match up against Martin 2 or 3 times total per game on some stunt/crossing play. I have said this and published it a few times all over S. Florida when some young ESPN reporter said that was a "Top 5 to Watch" for in our Houston v. Miami preseason game early last week.