Friday, August 16, 2013

John Offerdahl in the Ring of Honor

For years, I have been lobbying for Johnny O to join the Ring of Honor. And, while my lobbying had next-to-nothing to do with it, John will finally be an inductee this season. He'll be going up on the roll on Oct. 31.

A few seasons ago, I had the good fortune of interviewing John, and he was generous with his time spending well over an hour with Shed Dawg Mike and I. For your listening pleasure, you can find a copy of the podcast here: Dave and Mike talk with John

Congrats to Johnny O.
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One of my favorite Dolphins... I remember when he hit Christian Okoye, and the KC running back was stunned at how hard Offerdahl hit. Before that day, the Nigerian Nightmare was used to delivering hits!

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Great player. And a very well deserved honor.
Too bad he came after our Super Bowl seasons. I am sure he would have picked off a few passes in the AFC championships had he the chance.