Sunday, August 18, 2013

Injuries are a part of the game

Well I guess there is just no avoiding the inevitable effects of a violent sport.

Warriors go down. We pray for their souls and then someone else has to carry on.

So far 2013 has been tough for me as I am a Yankees fan as well.  Talk about adding insult to injury. They are a med unit disguised as a MLB franchise.

Griese went down in '72 and Earl Morrall carried on.

Luckily for us, its still week 3 of preseason. So we have a couple weeks to try to straighten out the TE position.

Short of a trade, free agent acquisition or waiver wire pick up, we have a few guys who may have to platoon at TE.

Michael Egnew looks better this year catching the ball but can't seem to keep his hands inside while blocking so the wingman official on his side will probably throw his arm out flagging Egnew for holding on running plays.  With that said, Egnew will be delegated to passing situations only until he can prove he can block without a penalty.

Charles Clay has been HBacking. He has been developed as a combo Full Back and TE. He doesn't have the speed necessary to run the deep seem route. So let's forget about him as a TE.

Dion Sims, the rookie, actually started last night's game. Sims, drafted in the 4th round out of Michigan State, is quite a physical specimen. He is 6'5", 270 lbs and runs a 4.7 40. Not too shabby.

Sims actually walked on as a freshman for the MSU basketball team after his football season ended. So we know he is athletic. But can he reliably catch the ball?

Recently signed Evan Rodriguez was drafted by the Bears in 2012 out of Temple.  He is 6'2", 240 lbs and caught only 4 passes for 21 yards last year. Since he is a bit behind, I doubt he will be in the mix for the near future.

I guess it's gonna be Sims' job to lose at this point.  Hopefully he can hang onto the ball or he certainly won't be hanging onto this starting position.

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I disagree. I like Sims as the number two TE - But the starting TE will be Egnew's to lose.

Egnew runs a sub 4.5 forty. He has picked up the offense better this year, and he is a much better pass and run blocker than he was last year. If he can't do the job, it will be Clay's to lose.

Clay will play H-Back/FB. I believe they still want to do that.

Sims will be that effective goal line guy that sneaks-off for a TD every now and again. Truthfully, Sims is too stiff and inflexible and frankly looks like he runs in slow-motion. I think he will be a good blocking TE who contributes sometimes.

Egnew will have to step-up. I believe he will. I could be wrong.


Holding number 84. Ten yard penalty from the spot of the foul.
Drive killers. 2nd and 20. 3rd and 13. 1st and 19 don't endear you to the coaching staff.
Now Keller was never known as a power blocker. He was more of a get in your way type of blocker who at the very least didn't get banged for holding.
Definitive passing downs expect Egnew out wide with Thomas in the backfield.
1st and 10, Sims in tight, Miller in the backfield.


What about Clay?


BTW, I saw the 2nd and 20 "hold." That was not a hold - it was a BS call. He releases well off the line and gets open down the seam. I will make a friendly wager... Sim's over Egnew and I will buy you a $25 gift card to Chili's. Egnew over Sims and you buy me one.


First of all MD, I never bet.
Secondly, as I said right off the bat, I believe they will platoon those two depending on down and distance and the game plan. If they want to open things up early, I could see Egnew starting. If they want to start in a basic formation then I could see Sims starting.
Each has strengths and weaknesses and fortunately neither has both so there is some flexibility with them depending on the game plan and how we want to attack the opponent.
I must say that this is a nice situation as both players are young, under contract for a few years and have the desire to get better and be the guy.