Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goodell Slaps Smith's Wrist!

3 games. 2 of which are in the preseason.

That's the length of Houston Texans' Antonio Smith's suspension for ripping the helmet off of Rich Incognito and swinging it at his head. Luckily, Rich turned his head just in time or he could have suffered a broken jaw or worse.

Now, Incognito is no choir boy in this instance. It is clear in the video that he has his hand in Smith's face and then palm butts Smith in the neck just prior to Smith's retaliation.

But Smith has gone way beyond any acceptable response.  If he would have punched Incognito in the neck, I would understand that. If he would have wrestled Incognito to the ground and both of them went at it, I could accept that too.

But to use the opponent's head protection as a weapon requires more than just a 1 game suspension.

 Let's face it, Smith would have had only played a half of next week's preseason game. And would not have even seen the field for the following and final preseason game.

So what this unwarranted violent act's penalty amounts to is a suspension of one half of a preseason game and the season opener.

Smith should have been suspended for at least 3 games in the regular season. He could have killed Incognito!

If you or I tried that on the street we would not be looking at 21 days in the clink. Probably at least 6 months!

Has Goodell gotten tired of fighting with the Player's Union and their representatives and taken the path of least resistance by coming down with such a small penalty for what could be attempted murder on Ocean Blvd.

Goodell blew this one and big. He had an opportunity to truly stand up for player safety and his so called "Heads Up" program but instead he decided to stick his in the sand.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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