Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dion Jordan will be fine!

Come on:  Why is there so much concern about Jordan?  Believe in the brain trust!  Our coaching staff knows what to do to get a nicked player back on the field.   I have no doubt that Jordan and Jerry (for that matter) will be back to full speed before the start of the season.   Who cares if Jordan plays every down?  I want 20 impactful plays a game.  I want pressure and sacks from the D-Line when he is in... The beauty this year is how far OV (Olivier Vernon) has come.   He is a solid pressure guy who can set the edge against the run as well.  So, what is the rush?  Why worry?  Why let the talking heads get you stirred-up and worried. 

Sit back and enjoy this.   We are in for one sweet season.  We will finally get back to the playoffs.  In Coach, we trust!
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On WQAM, Joe Rose is harping hard that this may be a questionable pick... Really? Already? Come on Man! (in my famous Dion Sanders impression) Our coaches know what they are doing. Our deepest position is Defensive Line. And, OV is playing lights out... no need to hurry our star pass rusher back into PRESEASON play.