Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Depth Issues - The Dolphins need the backup LBs to step-up this week.

I will agree with some of the talking heads at WQAM, Sun Sentinel, and the NFL Network.  Our last few years' LB draft-picks have yet to perform as expected.

I am surprised Jenkins from UF isn't more effective.  So far, he seems to be out of position often.  Spitler is the exact same.  He is okay at best as a LB, plays well on ST.  I don't want to go down the list of possible backup LBs.

However, I expected them to play better - as a group.  Is this coaching?  Or, is this Ireland not picking LBs well enough?  Misi is pretty good - and gets better every year.  I like that.   We need some of the other guys to step up and be more effective.

I fear we will be scouring the waiver wire for Tight Ends, Offensive Lineman, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs.   For a team that I felt was relatively deep prior to the season, it looks less and less so.
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