Sunday, August 18, 2013

D. Thomas has earned the Starting RB position IMO

I really like Lamar Miller.  He can score from anywhere on the field.  He does need to catch the ball better.  But Miller is a very exciting running back. 

But, the difference in Daniel Thomas this year to the last two years is night and day.  Thomas looks good.  He's bigger, stronger and plays faster.   He blocks well.    He runs hard behind his line.  He cuts ONE TIME ONLY which is an issue I have with most young Running Backs.

I do feel Miller has one last game to earn the starting RB position.  Either way, he will get an abundance of carries.  As I feel, we will run a two-pronged rushing attack anyway. 

At the beginning of training camp, I said that Miller would be the starter.  I agreed with everyone who stated this to be so.  And, even when we heard how well Thomas was doing in camp, it seemed unlikely he would unseat Lamar Miller.  

And for those of you who think I sound like a know-it-all :p - I say this with my head down  - I WAS WRONG! 

Thomas has earned the starting RB spot thus far in preseason.
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He certainly is carrying the ball tighter and higher against his chest so he has become very conscious of not fumbling the ball.
Thomas ran very well against Houston and if he started then Miller would be a great change of pace as most teams like to utilize the speed back.
But Miller looks real good. He hits the holes hard and when he gets outside the tackle and turns it up field he is picking up 7 yards.
Miller did drop the ball in the flats that would have given us a first down but he is much more of a threat coming out of the backfield than Thomas can be.
As far as blocking on blitzes, Thomas is better. But sooner or later quick dumps to the open flat will limit that happening.
I just think Miller has more upside than Thomas in our scheme and as long as Thomas can secure the ball he should continue to get his share of carries and will be an excellent third down protector against teams that love to blitz.

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