Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art Donovan

I didn't have a chance last week to pay my respects to former colt hall of famer Art Donovan.

Art has virtually no connection to the dolphins - other than the fact he played with Don Shula in the 50s in Baltimore. He just had a persona that can't be denied.

Many of you might just shrug it off and say "an old time player". But I encourage you to find a copy of his book - or watch the YouTube video linked below. Art made the rounds on late-night tv in the 80s and he was great.

I never met the man, but I was such a fan I researched how to find him and sent him an actual letter telling him how I became a fan and how much I enjoyed his appearances on tv. I sent along a football card of his and asked for autograph.

He sent me back a very nice letter on his personal stationery and thanked me for being a fan. I treasure the letter more than the autograph as it turns out.

I, for one, think we lost a someone who made the world a funnier place.

The football gods surely welcome you warmly fatso. ;)
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I loved his drinking stories, how the NFL was more of a club than a business. They had really long and hard training camps because they all came into camp fat and out of shape, He was a great storyteller .