Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the Eve of 2013, The Pressure Falls On...

Wow. 2013 is here!

The off season has passed.  The draftees are signed.  The equipment has been organized and the locker room has been set up.

All that is left to do is to prepare for the season to officially start.

For the past few months all I have read about is how the weapons are now in place for Ryan Tannehill to grow and hopefully mature into an elite QB.

Talk about pressure to succeed.  How much are we going to place on Tannehill's shoulders?

From ESPN to the NFL Network to all the Dolphin bloggers out there, everyone seems to believe that the King's share of pressure falls on Tannehill to carry us into the playoffs.

But I disagree.  Ever since the schedule was released, nothing has changed my mind from whom I believe the real pressure for us to succeed falls on.


When I look at games 2 through 5,  I see Luck, Ryan, Brees and Flacco.

I see about as tough a start as I have seen in my 42 years as a Dolfan.

To hope Tannehill can out gun these guys is not a complete pipe dream.  I think he will be able to move the offense and score some points.  Hopefully enough to win.

But let's not kid ourselves and think he will post 35 points a game.

Not gonna happen.

So why put this pressure on him to do so?

The pressure falls not on a player.  Not even Philbin.


It falls squarely and only on the shoulders of Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle!
No one else.

Coyle is the key player in how our season will unfold.  If we cannot slow down those QBs, then expecting Tannehill to have to keep up will be like expecting that light at the end of the tunnel which grows brighter and brighter to not be an oncoming train.

Get the picture?

If we don't get sacks, QB presures and turnovers, we are in deep s_ _ t.

Asking Tannehill to carry us as if he were Dan Marino for those 4 weeks is asking a lot. Probably too much.  I think realistically, he can pull 1 or maybe 2 out himself.  Not 4.

So Coyle best get his act in gear and soon.

We only have seven weeks till week 1.  Only 49 days of blood, sweat and tears.

Coyle better use them wisely.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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