Monday, May 06, 2013

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire!

Someone fired the first shot.  Someone got this whole thing started and I am not sure who is to blame or congratulate.

The internet is abuzz with talk of the Dolphins leaving Miami!

From ESPN to NFL.COM, from every blogger south of the Mason-Dixon Line to soon to be every blogger west of the Mississippi, that is as soon as they wake up, will be writing about the Dolphins leaving Miami for their new digs in LA.

You know, this is how it always starts and can finish with a Mayflower Truck sleaking away in the middle of the night.

First, there is conjecture.  Followed by denial.  Next possibilities.  And finally come the overtures.

We have heard the speculations.  Florida didn't pass the bill to help pay for the Stadium improvements. Florida said yes way to no pay. So Ross has to foot the bill.

We have the denial.  CEO Dee says no way to Ross move away.  But he did leave the door open for a new owner to possibly move the team.

Aha!  So here comes the overtures.  Count on it.

Someone in LA has already picked up the phone to talk with someone else in LA about the Dolphins possibly being in play.

Their next step is to reach out to Dee.  Why Dee?  Because he responded with the first possibility by saying a new owner may move the team.  So he sounds receptive to the idea by leaving that door open just a little enough for someone in LA to peek into.

And peek they shall.  "We are gonna be in Miami next week Mike.  How about lunch?"

Dee tells Ross who says "Make it somewhere public so people see you."

Dee meets and eats.  The LA guys flatter Dee about the Dolphin Organization and then brag about the size of their market compared to the size of the Miami market.

Now what's a CEO to do.  Bigger market, higher percentage of profits, more bonus $$$$!

Dee says "Put it in writing and I will run it up the flag pole."

Ross looks at their proposal and decides to fly out and meet and eat with the men from LA.  Somewhere public ofcourse.

"Oh no!" exclaims Edwin Pope, "Say it ain't so, say it ain't so."  But it is so.

Now we go from no vote, no money to ante up or we move away.  Yep, this is where we are headed.

Ross may love the Miami Dolphins.  He may want them to stay in Miami.  But eventually he will realize that he is a businessman too. So when that kicks in, Florida, look out because at that moment you will be dealing with a guy with options.  Options in writing!

Options he is already considering because someone fired the first shot!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Being from Cleveland those who think this cant happen dont be shocked.
Clev sold every game out paid tickets not owner bought tickets 70,000+ every game .A origanal NFL team not a newbee from 1966.
I am a hardcore Dolphin fan to those in S Fla get it together losing a NFL franchise sucks even if you arnt a fan of that team.Lots of Clev businesses shut down because of the loss also .


Thanks for your comment Michael.
Evidently, an NFL team leaving is the equivalent of Wal-Mart coming.


Screw them. If you want to leave do not let the door hit you on the arse. Owners make billions, players make millions and they ask for handouts to improve the stadium. Piss off.


They asked for one penny more for each hotel room to fund 30% of the costs. For which the area would gain significant boosts to the economy when major events are hosted and the team will sign a 30 year lease.
There is also an emotional and psychological benefit to a city that has a NFL franchise.
I believe these benefits far outweigh any perceived arguments. Handouts or any other investment.


As a European Dolfan I'd be crushed if the Dolphins would move. I've visited Miami two times the last three years and the most important reason was the Dolphins. If they'd move I'd be without a team to follow and I definetly would not visit Miami in near future. Instead I'd choose another warm place to travel to.


Wow. Christian, do you have the NFL Ticket from Directv? How do you get to watch our games?


Hi Carl. For about 200$/year we can watch every game live (including the Red Zone-channel) in HD through the NFL's Game Pass. A superb service. Well my girlfriend isn't always happy that I'm a bit occupied during NFL-sundays.


Good for you Christian. Tell your girlfriend if Miami wins, she gets something special. She will hop on the bandwagon too.


Well she kind of is ;) As long as I buy a trip to Miami every other year.