Saturday, May 04, 2013

Wa wa Waaaaa

Stevie Ross (or as I once called him "Cap't Izzy Firepants") did release a statement last night about the stadium.  Predictably, he blamed someone.  Yeah, he threw Sparano under the bus again for not getting him a stadium.  Oh wait, he blamed Tony *last* week for something.  This week, it was speaker of the Florida house Will Weatherford.

Essentially he said Weatherford promised him his legislation would come to a vote, and it didn' now he sets about calling out the speaker and saying Tallahassee is dysfunctional.  Look, I'm not saying its not.  Politics are a strange beast, and a handshake is nothing more than that.  But IMHO, he came off as a spoiled rich kid.

He goes on to talk about how that means jobs won't be coming to South Florida (and Weatherford is  job killer) and how he'll keep working to bring big events to South Florida anyway (and Weatherford doesn't like the revenue it brings). He may have even said Weatherford doesn't like oranges - Ross' statement read like he was really mad at the guy....

It was long, and mentioned something about San Diego's Qualcomm stadium being taken out of the SuperBowl rotation because it won't be renovated with public funds.  There's an enormous difference here: Qualcomm is a public stadium, owned San Diego, and thus public funds would be required to renovate it.  Joe Robbie Stadium is privately owned, and public funds should never be used unless there's an equity stake in the stadium given - or it is truly a loan to be repaid.

Anyway, Ross made a vague statement about continuing to pursue future SuperBowls and large events, and having a commitment to South Florida.  But his next steps remain vague.  Will he look to move? Will he look for a new source of funds? Will he pay for it himself?

Time will tell.
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