Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chuck Muncie

During his playing days some referred to him as "Snort" Muncie because he had a bit of a cocaine habit.

Muncie passed away today, much too young, at 60.

Muncie may be remembered by Dolphins fans on two counts.  First, of course, was on that 1981 Chargers team that beat the Dolphins in the infamous playoff game; he had nearly 100 yards rushing, and was able to keep the Dolphins defense off-balance.

Second, Muncie was traded to the Dolphins in 1984....he made it to Miami, and.... immediately failed a drug test, and the trade was voided.  Miami then tried to trade for Rickey Young, but he failed a drug test as well. So, they turned back to the Chargers, and ultimately got "6 point Pete" Johnson.

Its an odd connection to be sure,  but Shula said at the time "A back of his caliber can really help our offense."
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