Monday, April 15, 2013

They are back in the building!

Today was the start of the "voluntary" workouts which could mean some extra money to those players who get workout bonuses.

It was good to hear that everyone showed up, including all the new free agents, except for Randy Starks.  I guess he had some laundry to do.

Must have been very exciting in the weight room this morning. Guys catching up, busting balls. New guys getting introduced around. And the fringe players are probably a little concerned about the upcoming draft and whether they will have some more competition for their jobs.

The coaches were setting the tone for the off-season workouts. A "good to see you  but we have work to do" meeting started it all off. 

Tannehill was chucking some balls to his new toys. Kinda like Christmas morning for Ryan. He has got to be pumped.

Hopefully Grimes left without any discomfort to his Achilles. He needs to be ready for opening day.  

All in all, this had to be a great day at the office for the Miami Dolphins' coaches and players. Just like the first day of school.

There is alot of enthusiasm with the fan base. Everyone I have spoken with is very optimistic about our chances of making some noise in the playoffs this year. Nobody has said we are winning the division but they all think we can and should be in the playoffs as a wild card.

Ireland and Ross are even starting to make believers out of those most skeptical of fans.  A friend of mine, who is also a Dolfan and who would "yada, yada, yada" me when discussing the team the last few years, now has actually begun to have some intelligient discussions with me about the team. So that's a positive.

I would have to say we are off to a good start. Tomorrow is another day of workouts and getting bigger and stronger and faster and hopefully wiser. Which should and better correlate to wins because despite all the good intentions of everyone involved with the team, that is truly all that matters.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971  

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