Thursday, April 25, 2013

Smart move by Ireland. So far.

First of all, we only give up #42 to move up.

Why Jordan?  Because in games 2-5 this season, we face Luck, Ryan, Brees and Flacco.  And in a couple weeks after that Brady.  So we absolutely have to put pressure on those QBs, which we lacked doing last year.

Opposing QBs were pitching tents on us.  Camping out and picking us apart. That had to stop and quickly.

He won't wear #99, but he will remind us of Jason Taylor.  He is that quick!  He is 6' 6", so he has room to put about 20 lbs on and keep his speed.  Plus it allows Odrick to move back inside.

But what about OT?  If KC wanted our #42 for Albert, guess what?  We don't have that anymore.  So when #54 comes around, if a tackle is sitting there, we offer KC a 3rd round pick or we take the tackle.

I like Ireland's move. So far.

Carl Leone
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This move also makes all our corners.


It truly does David, as it shortens the field of coverage. Less time to camp out. Cameron Wake is ecstatic.


Having watched Jordan play in the pac-10 out here, Miami just landed a stud of a player. Pressure the QB but gets around the field too. Gave up virtually nothing to go up and get one of the defensive studs of the draft.


We virtually got a steal at giving up only #42.
I was expecting more picks going to Oakland.


So...early predictions on what happens at #54?


Either trade for Albert or pick a tackle, such as Terron Armstead or a CB, which there are plenty around.

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what about the third round pick? I was really hoping we would get ryan swope. the guy is a beast. it seems also Ireland is getting people he likes rather then just going simply for the biggest need.


We have 2 third round picks. Swipe could be one.
DL is a need so Ireland wasn't waisting a pick.


true I think it was a really good move. this years first round was a bit strange. I think Ireland nailed it by getting a DE. it was a need but so was OL and CB. now I have no clue though which way he is going to go tomorrow but im guessing he will make the same type of bold move and find someone he likes a lot.