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Potential Draft Day Trade Partners for Miami Dolphins

With the NFL Draft coming ever closer to eager fans across the nation, many know that Draft Day trades are inevitable! In 2012, there were 29 Draft Day trades or in days leading up to the Draft (most notably the Rams and Redskins trade that landed the Redskins RGIII). Of those 29 trades, the Miami Dolphins were involved in three, two of which were the Dolphins trading down and the other the Dolphins traded up. They traded down in the 3rd round with the Chargers and selected TE Michael Egnew and gained a 6th round pick, which ended up being WR BJ Cunningham, who is currently on the Eagles. Next they traded up in the 4th round with the 49ers to select RB Lamar Miller. The Dolphins gave a 6th rounder and another 6th in the 2013 draft. Finally, they traded down in the 5th round with the Titans to select LB Josh Kaddu and picked up another 7th rounder that ended up being WR Rishard Matthews. Now with all of that being said, Jeff Ireland definitely has a history of trading up and down in the draft, most notably in 2010 when he traded down from 12 to 28 selected DE/DT Jared Odrick and picked up another 2nd rounder and LB Tim Dobbins. Here are a few trade possibilities in the 2013 Draft that could happen and who the Dolphins might pick with at the spot:

The first possibility is to trade up with the Bills at #8. Reports coming out of the Miami Dolphins camp is they like Lane Johnson. The problem is, so do the Titans and Chargers! To get from pick #12 to pick #8, the Dolphins would have to trade one of their 2nd round Draft picks and probably either another 3rd or 4th depending on who the Bills think they could get at #12. With the drafting of Lane Johnson, this would solidify the Tackle position for the Dolphins, keeping Ryan Tannehill clean in the pocket, and allowing him to throw to his newly acquired weapons (Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, and Brandon Gibson). What the Bills do with this pick is very precarious, because they could go in a lot of different directions. With all their needs on the team right now, almost anyone they go with here will more than likely be a starter for them.

The second possibility is to trade up with Titans to #10. Reports around the league are that the Chargers like Lane Johnson and might use it on the Tackle out of Oklahoma. At this point in the draft, it is probably likely that either Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper is still available. With the Titans Steve Hutchinson due to retirement, they could draft either one of these guards at #12, leaving the Dolphins to pick Lane Johnson at #10. This is all assuming the Bills do not pick him at #8. Again, the drafting of Lane Johnson, would solidify the Tackle position for the Dolphins, keeping Ryan Tannehill clean in the pocket, and allowing him to throw to his newly acquired weapons (Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, and Brandon Gibson). The Titans at #12 would likely go after a Defensive player that they like. Maybe a guys like Ziggy Ansah if he fell to them.

The third possibility is trading down to #15 with the Saints. This is a move that would add either another 2nd or 3rd to the Dolphins draft, but in this case more likely a 3rd. At #15 the Dolphins would likely choose Tyler Eifert, who is easily the top rated TE in this year's Draft ( - Via @OmarKelly). This pick would add another offensive weapon for Ryan Tannehill to work with, making the offense even more explosive. The Saints, in this possible scenario, would be trading up to pick a Defensive player that has fell during the course of the Draft. With the NFL Draft always being so unpredictable, this could be a likely situation that comes to fruition.

With the NFL Draft always being so unpredictable, these three possibilities could come to pass, or they could fall through. The thing to keep in mind is, 1) the Draft is always changing, 2) the Dolphins have the ammunition to trade up, 3) Jeff Ireland has a history of trading down to acquire more picks, and 4) the Dolphins are probably narrowing down who they would like with their first pick as we speak, so all this speculation could all mean nothing. It all depends on what the Dolphins want to do on Draft day, and what happens with the teams around them.

Be looking for my next article about the Dolphins possible  options at pick #12!

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Trade down to the Saints or Cowboys, pick Eifert, then use the compensation picks to trade up into the heart of this draft in the low first, high second round, to get a RT and a CB.

The rest would all be gravy.


The Vikings have 2 first round picks and could trade up to the 12 spot to get Xavier Rhodes (who they sorely need). In return the Dolphins could get their 1st rnd. – Pick No. 23 and 2nd rnd. – Pick No. 20 (No. 52 overall).
That would be sweet because I think Washington's Desmond Trufant would still be available at pick 23 and is a better fit for the Dolphins zone scheme. Plus another 2nd rounder! Make it happen Ireland!


I could see either happening guys! Both real possibilities and I personally would be a fan of either one!


No trade will happen in the first round.