Friday, April 19, 2013

Pass Defense Key to Fast Start

Kevin Coyle took special notice of our schedule last night. I am not saying he didn't get any sleep but he may have tossed and turned a bit.

When 4 of your first 5 opponents feature gun slingers you take notice.

Week 2: Andrew Luck
Week 3: Matt Ryan
Week 4: Drew Brees
Week 5: Joe Flacco


2 on the road, 2 at home. Even Stevens.

If we plan on going to the post season party this year, we can't start out at 1-4.  We are going to need to get out of the gates at least in the middle of the pack at 2-3. And this is a tall order having to face those quarterbacks with those offenses.

I do believe we will be better offensively this year but I would hate to have to win shoot outs with those QBs. We reloaded this offseason but they have plenty of weapons too.   

Which means we are going to need some big stops by our pass defense to walk away from this start with any hope of finishing in the hunt.  We are gonna need sacks, timely pressures and the game changing take aways.

All those free agent signings may not matter as much to our success as how Kevin Coyle game plans to stop those offenses the first 5 weeks.

For this he best get plenty of rest now because he may be having too many sleepless nights starting in September.

Carl Leone
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