Saturday, April 27, 2013

Odd comment

The interview Dan Lebatard did with Stephen Ross seemed weird to me. Its not that often that an owner will have a more or less candid and open interview with a local media person. But then, his bid to get the public on his side will make Stevie do some odd things, I suppose.

And owners don't always say and do the right things when they are in these forums, because they tend to not stick to the script of their team.

That said, his comment that Tony Sparano damaged the team seemed wildly ridiculous to me.  I posted often about the whole scenario of Stevie deciding to keep Sparano while openly courting a new coach - and it spoke to what kind of an owner he was.  Then, I noted that the love fest press conference he had was awkward. 

And then I posted that this wouldn't end well, and Sparano was likely to have somewhat of a, I dunno, "bad attitude" (?) because of it.  The team sputtered, and he got fired half way through the season.

And, 2 years, Stevie says that he's holding Sparano accountable for HIS OWN actions.  I'm tellin' ya, the team would have been better off he had fired Sparano, whether he got Harbaugh or not.

Its just so weird to hear a comment like that, coming from the owner.  Sure, maybe in some way Sparano "damaged" the team, but Stevie caused it to happen.  And passing the buck on blame isn't right, and doesn't help anything.

And then defending Parcells?  (eyes roll so far back) Oh puh-lease.
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Wow. Ross is showing his true colors. What a low-class idiot he is.


Ross is Ross, Huzeinga was Huzeinga and Robbie was Robbie. They all had their faults and no matter who says it, Sparano, although a decent guy DID damage the team with his lack of ability and vision and stubborness not to change.


just out of curiosity Dave, when is the last time in your opinion that anyone associated with this organization did or even said anything right?


dh321- That's why the column is bitchindave! He is the cup half empty none of us wants to expose in ourselves. We love our Dolphins, but sometimes, dammit instead of seeing a steaming pile of shit warrants calling it that instead of saying it's fertilizer and it may promote growth! LMAO


See now that's the funny part - to me anyway - there hasn't been anything good to come out of the organization since Wayne sold it to Ross. I tried to give them a fair shot, but .... I might say "bygones" ...

It doesn't matter much what I think or what they do. I find its more about watching and laughing .... and that's my opinion, and why I don't comment on the team performance, only about the sideshow.