Monday, April 08, 2013

Misdirection is the Key in completeing the Draft Plan (Repost)

First:  Dave, thanks for this privilege to write for (and with) you.  I hope you enjoy my take!

So, its early April.  Its time for Jeff Ireland (Miami's GM) to bob-and-weave.  He doesn't want to show the other 31 GMs what he has planned.  Make no mistake: Ireland has a very clear plan.  And, he is not showing his hand!

Question:  Why is Jeff bringing in players to interview that will, by all accounts, be long-gone by the twelfth pick of the draft?

Answer:    He is making some of these GMs think he has plans to move up and take a highly touted DB, Milliner and Vaccaro.

Personally, I think he is planning to trade up and get one of the 3 stud Offensive Tackles, because the drop-off  in talent from the top 3 to the 4th (Fluker) on the list is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Luke Joeckel*, OT, Texas A&M 
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan  
Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma 

DJ Fluker, OT/G, from Alabama is a Guard really, and probably is a second round talent.    He looked good because of all of that other talent amassed by Nick Saban (I still hate you :-) at Bama.

If Miami wants a starter out of the draft at OT, Jeff Ireland must trade up and take one of those top three guys.

What do you think?

Robert F. Camacho, CPA
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Another take, I "try to manage" an area of a store that has approx $20 million in sales. I have 2 part time helpers, and the job is so big if you try to fix it all at once, you will fail....Miami's Draft...In FA Miami has added to its WR core and has NO long term solution at TE. However the problem IS NOT fixed. The key for miami is the QB and if you are going all in with tanny, you fix what you started, you draft a WR or TE so you do not have to fix it next year.


I think Ireland should trade down to 15 with Saints and add their 3rd round pick. Then draft Tavon Austin to bookend with Wallace similiar to the Marks Brothers. We would still have two 2nd round picks with three 3rd round picks to grab 2 CBs, DE, OT and TE. Plus FA tackle is still a possibility as a 1 year stop gap.
The Saints at 15 need Defense help as do the Bucs and Panthers at 13 and 14 so they should be game if their guy is standing at 12.