Sunday, April 07, 2013

Misdirection is the Key in completeing the Draft Plan

First:  Dave, thanks for this privilege to write for (and with) you.  I hope you enjoy my take!

So, its early April.  Its time for Jeff Ireland (Miami's GM) to bob-and-weave.  He doesn't want to show the other 31 GMs what he has planned.  Make no mistake: Ireland has a very clear plan.  And, he is not showing his hand!

Question:  Why is Jeff bringing in players to interview that will, by all accounts, be long-gone by the twelfth pick of the draft?

Answer:    He is making some of these GMs think he has plans to move up and take a highly touted DB, Milliner and Vaccaro.

Personally, I think he is planning to trade up and get one of the 3 stud Offensive Tackles, because the drop-off  in talent from the top 3 to the 4th (Fluker) on the list is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Luke Joeckel*, OT, Texas A&M 
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan  
Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma 

DJ Fluker, OT/G, from Alabama is a Guard really, and probably is a second round talent.    He looked good because of all of that other talent amassed by Nick Saban (I still hate you :-) at Bama.

If Miami wants a starter out of the draft at OT, Jeff Ireland must trade up and take one of those top three guys.

What do you think?

Robert F. Camacho, CPA
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I hope that's not the case. The dolphins would be much better off keeping the 12th pick or even trading down. Instead of trading away one of our second round picks and maybe even more to move up, let's keep all of our picks and play the Patriot game by getting as many players as for them. We should bring in Tyson Clabo who was just cut by the falcons, draft a few CB (Xavier Rhodes please) and have total freedom with our 11 picks!


I really like Tyson Clabo. I just doubt we can afford to commit huge dollars to a guy who is probably on the south-side of his career. If Ireland changes his mind and re-opens the purse, then maybe we will draft the best available DB at 12, or trade down as you suggest. However, it is much harder to trade-down than it used to be - especially if we don't possess a top 10 pick.

Robert F Camacho, CPA


Jon, I'd have to agree with you. I don't see any reason to trade up. There will be plenty of talent left when we pick at 12. I'm for drafting a DB, Xavier Rhodes would be a good pick, but I truly believe that Dee Millner may still be there. Either way, Jeff Ireland has positioned Miami to be the talk of the draft. He has filled many needs via free agency and the draft will be the icing on the cake.


Well put mark!