Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miami Dolphins trade up to select Dion Jordan

This draft started off with an early bang as the Miami Dolphins have traded their number 12 overall pick as well as their highest 2nd round pick to select the 6'6 DE from Oregon Dion Jordan. This comes as a surprise in two ways, first off the Dolphins traded up all the way to the number 3 spot. Next many thought that Lane Johnson would have been the natural pick as Jake Long left and there is a whole to fit at LT. However the Dolphins opt against protecting their QB and go for harassing that Brady guy in New England. I personally am excited to see how much havoc Cameron Wake and Jordan will produce and hopefully Jordan can replace Wake as Wake is getting up their in age. The scouting report says Jordan is a natural pass rusher and has the ability to win one on one matchups requiring teams not to use stunts or blitz as much. Wake also possesses this ability so expect to see a little less blitzing if this combo works out as planned. 

This may not be the only trade that the Dolphins could be involved in however there is still Brandon Albert who would fill in the LT spot nicely and remember we still have a 2nd round pick and an additional 3rd round pick which came from Indy and Chicago respectively from the Vontea and Marshall trades. Time to sit back and watch this unfold. 
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