Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hopefully this is our schedule!

Tonight, our 2013 schedule will be announced on the NFL Network beginning at 8 PM. This is always a neat show. They start with the first weekend, show the night games and then work their way through the divisions.

The last few years, we have had to go up to New England to finish up the season. And until last year, we went 3 seasons without any 1 PM home games until the middle of October. We need to get back those early home games starting at 1 PM. Nothing like putting our opponents in their dark jerseys with 90% humidity and clear sunny skies. They will be sucking wind entering the fourth quarter.

Finally, I would love to have no road games in the cold. Not that I don't believe we can win in it but why mess with mother nature if we don't have to.

So here is how I would lay out our schedule if I could have my druthers:

9/8  1 PM we host San Diego...dark jerseys, new coaches, new playbook, so lets get them before they get their wheels under themselves

9/15 1 PM at New England...lets get up there early and show them who we are now...I like big road games early while we are healthy

9/22 1 PM we host Atlanta...they are in black jerseys...our uptempo offense combined with the heat will give us an edge

9/29 1 PM at Cleveland...gonna be a beautiful day with no lake effect

10/6 SUNDAY NIGHT at Jets...blow them out early and send their fans home to wake up to even more misery

10/13 1 PM we host Baltimore...this could actually be our home opener on Thursday night since Baltimore will open up the NFL season on the road but I prefer it here.
After an emotional game against the Jets how could you not get up for the defending champs.

10/20 1 PM at Buffalo...I like this game right will still be nice and since the following week is our bye, lets get in another road division game right here before the bye

10/27 BYE

11/3 1 PM at Pittsburgh...they are not the Steelers of recent memory...they are getting older so right about now, midseason, they should be pretty banged up, especially if they play Baltimore the week before us (that would be a bonus)

11/10 1 PM Hello Jets...welcome to another beat down as Rex starts wondering about his job

11/17 SUNDAY NIGHT we host Cinncinnati...again after the Jets I prefer a tough opponent to get fired up for plus its Sunday Night

11/24 4 PM at New Orleans...they narrowly escaped us a few years ago and since they have a lot to prove after missing the playoffs last year I prefer to see them later than early in the season with a chip on their 4 PM will seem like 3 PM to us

12/1 1 PM we host team is an easy win in the NFL but we could use one of our lighter competitors right about now because next week...

12/9 MONDAY NIGHT at Indianapolis...this was such a great game last year that I believe this will be a Sunday or Monday night matchup no matter when the league schedules it

12/15 1 PM at Tampa Bay...if we have to follow a road Monday night with another  road game then a short grasshopper flight to Tampa is perfect

12/22 1 PM Hi Buffalo...glad you could make it...the key here is to sell tix to OUR fans!! Late season home games become mini vacations for northern fans

12/29 1 PM New England comes to town...What do you mean Brady isn't playing? They haven't clinched anything. Oh, he was lost for the season 7 weeks ago and now we are playing to clinch the division!!

I know there is a tough stretch from 9/29 until 11/3 when we have only 1 home game and 4 road games but we do have the BYE squeezed in. That is the price to pay to open at home and then finish the last 2 at home.

With this schedule, what do you think our record will be? I see us somewhere around 10-6 and 11-5.

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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