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Fisher, Joeckel, or L. Johnson? Any Would Help

In only one more short day Jeff Ireland & Co. will have a very hard decision on their hands. That decision is what to do with the 12th overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. The Miami Dolphins have MANY options with this pick, and have the ammo to trade up and also the history of trading down and picking up more picks. But with one of the needs on this team right now being OT, it is much more likely that the Dolphins will be trading up to get one of the top 3 OT's than waiting at #12 for one of them to fall to them, if that is, in fact, the direction the Dolphins really want to go. If it is the direction they want to go, you certainly cannot argue with it considering the talent of these top 3 OT's. Who are these top 3 OT's you ask? Well good question! Here are some answers for you:

Eric Fisher Central Michigan LT 

At 6'7" 306 lbs. Eric Fisher is the prototypical size for LT at the NFL level, and with 34.5 in arms and 10.5 in hands, has the physical tools to keep rushing DE's in the NFL at bay and the athleticism to be effective in the run game and get to the second level on blocks. He has great foot speed to keep DE's from speed rushing around him and the strength to not be knocked over by a bull rush. He has a nasty streak in his game to finish blocks, which is something that Dolphins OL coach Jim Turner loves. The only real weakness in his game is that he is not as strong as he could be for a starting NFL LT, but that is a very fixable problem with a NFL off-season strength and conditioning program. Fisher has been compared to the 49er's LT Joe Staley and if Fisher can become that, then the Dolphins are set at OT for a very long time, assuming he can stay healthy

Luke Joeckel Texas A&M LT

Luke Joeckel is the running favorite to be the #1 pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Draft come April 25th, but lets not be so sure that it is a sure lock! With that being said, Joeckel  is a supremely talented and athletic LT whose best attribute is pass blocking. At 6'6" and 306 lbs, he has great feet and moves them well, shielding the QB off from speed rushers off the edge and has a great wide base to withstand bull rushes. His greatest physical attribute is his supreme athleticism. He moves with great ease! What NFL scouts would like to see better from him is added strength, in his upper and lower body! Joeckel is being compared with Bronco's LT Ryan Clady, who is arguably the best best LT in the NFL, and if Joeckel is anything like Clady, whose ever backside he is protecting, his jersey will be in much better condition than many other QB's in the league

Lane Johnson Oklahoma LT

With Joeckel and Fisher being the Elite OT's in this draft, the Dolphins would most likely have to trade up into the top 3 or 5 to be able to select one of these players! With Lane Johnson being very comparable to the athleticism of Joeckel and him coming at a cheaper price, trading up for Lane Johnson is a much more viable pick! Even with Johnson being a more likely pick, the Dolphins will probably still have to trade up to get him. Lane Johnson started off at a QB, moved to TE, and finally ended up at OT. With him still being new to the position, scouts worry about his lack of experience, and with him being 6'6" and 303 lbs, they worry a little about his leverage at the NFL level. But with almost any college prospect coming into the NFL, they is often room to add weight and put on more muscle! Johnson is extremely athletic, moves his feet very well for his size, making pass blocking his best attribute. Although he needs to add some muscle, his run blocking is good, but needs work as well. 

With the Draft begin so close, Ireland, Philbin, Brain Gaine (assistant GM), and Stephen Ross need to make their decision pretty quickly of whether they will trade up to get one of these supremely talented OT's, stand pat at #12 and pick someone like TE Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame, CB Xavier Rhodes from FSU, OG Jonathan Cooper from UNC, or maybe CB Dee Milliner from Alabama, whose stock is fallen slightly with some health concerns. Being at #12 and having 11 picks to work with, Jeff Ireland & Co. have many different options to play with. They also could trade the #54 pick to the Chiefs for Brandon Albert, which is a possibility as well! Finally, they could trade down, and pick up extra picks to acquire the most amount of impact players as they can. Either direction they go, there is an opportunity to add a quality football player to this team, and the fan base should be looking forward to see what the new look Miami Dolphins will do!  


On Sunday April 28, 2013 I will be analyzing the Dolphins draft. Be looking for it!

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