Thursday, April 25, 2013


In one fell swoop, the Miami Dolphins just made Cameron Wake a better and more effective player - no more double teams.  .They just made the DT rotation more effective.  They made the Quick LBs we just picked up in FA better.   They also made all 4 or 5 DBs (depending on defensive set) much better.  We just got a player who in my opinion is the best pure athlete in the draft.   Dion Jordan has the frame to gain 10-30 lbs without losing any quickness.  If Dolphins Nation is not completely excited about this pick...  you just don't get what this does for the Defense.   This was a BRILLIANT move.   I still expect the Dolphins to go get OT Albert from KC... so for the drones thinking that Lane was our pick, don't fret.   We will get another OT.  Our Team just became a playoff contender.  GM Ireland and Coaching staff - I thank you - you did it!!!


  1. "our team just became a playoff contender"? You dork! Calm down... :)

  2. Mr. "dork" Smith... We were 3 or 4 plays away from being in the playoffs last year... We would not have had any chance to win, but we really were close last year. This pick along with the FA moves makes a real contender. You should be so very excited!

    1. Yes we were only a few FGs from 10-6.
      DJ does make our defense better.
      More importantly, Ireland didn't give away the farm. When the trade was announced, I immediately became more concerned withwhat we gave up and not who we got.
      After hearing we only gave up our 42, I then began to enjoy the pick.

  3. BobbyC,

    I have to admit, I wasn't as excited as you in regards to the pick and the price that was paid. However, I am very excited about what this does to our defense. Jordan has the ability to rush the passer, cover slot receivers, and can flat out motor. His acceleration is out of this world. His first step and spin moves resemble Dwight Freeny. (see this video...

    Watch out for the Phins this year. We are young, fast, talented and above all...aggressive

  4. DJ - You get it!!! Keep in mind - this was the BEST defensive player on most Draft Boards - a concensus top 5 pick!!! And, we got him cheap. This move last year would have cost next year's number 1 pick, plus this year's 12th pick and 4th round pick in all likelihood. His quickness and 4.6 speed for a 6'-7" (or 6'-6" depending on source) man is staggering. He is Wake and Taylor wrapped into one. I love this guy!